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Don’t Get Cheated: 5 Tips for buying new cars

Cape Town – Prices of brand-new cars are expensive, at least for some, but that’s not the case for 36 794 fortunate South Africans who registered their brand-new cars in January 2017.

Over the last five years throughout January, brand-new car sales in SA stayed steady around the 35 000 mark and each year, 547 442 units were sold in 2016 compared with 617 648 in 2015. That’s a significant distinction in sales of 11.4% and experts say it’s not likely to enhance this year.

Purchasing a used car in SA

According to WesBank, statistics indicated that 38 343 brand-new cars were offered in May 2016 compared to 89 390 used cars which plainly shows brand-new vehicles sales do not even come close to used cars.

Who does not love the new car smell or the fact that you are the first owner, however, pre-owned cars simply provide better worth for cash particularly feature-for-feature? Cars for sale are also likely to ease up on your bank balance with a much lower insurance coverage premium than a new car.

On the flip side, there is that niggling feeling of breaking down in a used car and sometimes sellers don’t really assist either. Anybody can get an ‘OBD2 code’ reader and shady sellers can clear codes without repairing any issues.

Rest assured, following these easy steps will help you pick your new (used) car carefully without anybody making the most of you.

Step 1: Use your head, not your heart

We’ve all existed and understand how tough it is not to fall for exactly what seems to be a bargain. Whether it’s your dream car as a kid or a reminder of your first true love – be smart and make the best call. Used-car dealerships flourish on infatuated clients as they are easily convinced and could wind up with an outright loser.

When you’re planning to buy a car, the trick is to browse far and wide and here the web can be incredibly handy. Think about all your options and be careful purchasing the very first car you see. Give yourself a realistic opportunity of scouting around and to see what’s out there. Utilize the first 3 cars as a point of referral to weigh-up all the benefits and drawbacks going forward.

Step 2: Avoid unique cars

If you’re purchasing a new car, you can buy practically anything you want as the parts are available and the car will be under guarantee. Purchasing a unique pre-owned car is not so simple generally since no factory guarantee exists and any service or maintenance expenses are out of your pocket.

A good example is parts of a Toyota Corolla or a VW Golf versus a Renault. An oil filter can cost just R60 but for a Renault in excess of R200. This easily intensifies when you own a high-performance or unique car.

It is more than just thinking about the cost of parts though. You also have to find a filling station that can with confidence preserve your car. If your engine is more complicated than that of a fighter jet, expect to pay premium rates.

In regards to efficiency, you should ask yourself this essential concern; ‘If this Golf GTI, Type R or BMW M3 is so great, why are they selling it?’

It might not constantly be the case but most of the time, high-performance cars are most likely to have actually been pushed to the limit prior to they are offered. Stay away from these unless you are experienced about cars, have a good mechanic and prepared to pay a premium for parts,

Step 3: Read the seller, not the price tag

There is no hiding from subconscious cues unless you’re an experienced spy. View the seller carefully while you talk about the car and walk the automobile explaining parts. Shifty or anxious behaviour is usually an indication that there’s something wrong with the car.

Keep a close eye on the seller’s body movement. If they seem unpleasant just follow your gut and walk away. Rather this than being stuck with a lemon.

I when viewed a beautiful car for sale but the private seller appeared hurried. Luckily, I had a good mechanic with me and he pointed out a soapy residue in the oil. For those who have no idea, that’s a telltale sign of a blown head-gasket which can be really costly to fix.

Step 4: Extensive assessment is essential

When the seller asks just how much you know about cars, act as if you don’t know much. This indicates they will just focus on the good points of the car which leaves you with a great opportunity to examine the things they didn’t discuss.

Specifically, inspect brake discs for unequal wear; the colour of the oil ought to be golden brown and not a dark colour. Battery terminals need to be tidy, tires in good condition with even use and the body should be straight. Check the body seams in the engine bay and the boot to determine any indications of accident repair work.

Also, offer the car a mighty push with the handbrake up. It should obviously stagnate but if it does, you’ve already recognized one problem.

When a car is promoted as having a “brand-new” battery, it could indicate there is something wrong with the loom or alternator. Realistically, why would somebody offer a car and give you a battery worth R1000? Very same applies to brand-new tires. They’re pricey to simply ‘giveaway’ so be careful and bear in mind faulty suspension or problems with the steering.

Last but not least, look for body panels where the colour appears a different shade. This could be a sign that the car was involved in a mishap and a purchase not to finish.

Step 5: Provide it with a good test drive

Don’t just jump in and get going. Instead, get the seller to turn on the ignition and let the automobile idle. Check the wipers, lights and listen to the engine noise. Walk the car and once it’s been idle for a while, switch it off.

Start the car again leaving the headlights on. If it doesn’t start right away there may be an electrical problem. Check all lights, aircon, radio, electric windows and mirror switches.

Throughout your test drive, be sure to evaluate all the gears and discover a good slope on your route. Feel for any “flat areas” in velocity as this might show ignition or injector concerns. Flat areas are where the acceleration stops for a little while and then picks up again.

Listen for unusual sounds. Some individuals are just poor motorists and the old saying comes to mind, “If you can’t find it, grind it” so look for grinding sounds when you brake or change gears particularly. This may indicate a serious mechanical fault and it’s finest to leave.

High-pitched screeching noises from the V-belts are also inappropriate under any situations and another need to merely walk away. After the test drive check to see if any fluids have dripped onto the ground. Oil or coolant could suggest major problems with oil seals, engine or the cooling system.

Last on the checklist is to trust your gut. Does the automobile “feel right” to you? If the answer is yes, it’s time to sign on the dotted line and delighted car up until the next buy.

Used Cars Or New Cars? It’s An Important Car Buying Decision

While there is nothing always wrong with purchasing used cars, someone who has a significant bank balance would naturally choose to embrace a brand new car that can be owned off directly from the showroom. Admittedly there is a specific excitement to it but regrettably, not everybody can pay for the high-end. For someone with a rather minimal budget, used cars are the only alternative.

Luckily, buying a used car does not indicate you are going to be stuck with an old beat-up lorry. There are several places where we can discover used cars that really look brand new. An unskilled eye would never have the ability to discriminate. Yes, that’s right. You can find used cars that perfect in every way and are readily available at a good cost too.

Where To Discover Used Cars

The traditional way would be to visit used car dealerships in your neighbourhood and inspect if they have a vehicle that meets your requirements and your budget. Nevertheless, looking for used cars by doing this can be lengthy and laborious. You will have to go from one dealer to another and see exactly what cars they have offered and attempt and work out the price.

A better choice is to explore your alternatives online. There are several car dealer sites that use you a more convenient way to discover simply the kind of car you are trying to find and at a cost that works for you. Most of these sites enable you to narrow down your alternatives by picking the car designs you want to look at and the cost range that you want to pay. You are then presented with a shortlist of lorries that satisfy your requirements and you can then inspect each car in detail to limit your shortlist even further.

If you do not discover the lorry of your dreams at the first site, you can basic check out the next one. You can do all of this without even needing to leave your home!

Things to look for when buying used cars

Whether you choose to go with your neighbourhood dealer or second-hand cars for sale, there are a couple of things you must take into account before you put down your loan to buy a used car.

Check the car thoroughly for any problems in the body along with the engine. Does it appear like it has had some work done on the body or maybe it has undergone a repaint job? This might be an indication that the car might have been in a mishap and gone through significant repairs.

Don’t forget to examine that all features work efficiently and effectively consisting of the heating and cooling, power steeringPsychology Articles, child lock facility and power windows. They may appear like minor aspects but often it’s the little things that can make the difference in between a good offer and a catastrophe. The last thing you desire after you’ve put down your money is to learn that one of the functions is faulty and has to be replaced.

Five Important Questions To Ask A Used Cars and Vehicle Dealer

Many individuals still think about buying a used cars and truck to be something of a crapshoot. They roll the dice, and perhaps they get lucky. While it holds true that some degree of unpredictability always exists in these deals, there are ways to minimize the danger of getting stuck with a lemon. With that in mind, here are five questions you need to constantly ask a vehicle dealer prior to you purchase a previously owned ride.

1. Where Did You Get It?

When a dealership accepts a trade-in, they often have it inspected beforehand. However when they purchase vehicles at auction, they don’t have the very same high-end. As such, it is generally riskier to buy a used car from a seller who bought it at auction. Knowing where they got the car can for that reason assist you minimize the danger of unseen automotive problems.

2. Do You Have Service Records?

When a car is effectively serviced and maintained, the risk of significant mechanical concerns is quite low. It is no marvel pre-owned rides that include complete sets of service records typically cost significantly more than those that lack them. Taking a look at these records prior to you buy might also give you insight into recurring maintenance concerns. Maybe, for example, the automobile has brake issues that need routine attention. For obvious reasons, that would be something you would wish to know before you shook on the deal.

3. Can I See The Automobile History Report?

Asking a cars and truck dealer if a specific automobile has been in a mishap is notoriously unreliable. For something, the seller might not have that info; and for another, he or she might hesitate to divulge that information unless definitely necessary. To get around this sometimes sensitive topic, just request for the car history report. If the seller can not or will not supply one, it’s probably best to stroll away.

4. Can I Take A Prolonged Test Drive?

While a brief, twenty-minute spin might suffice for a new automobile, it is not long enough to obtain to understand a used one. In addition to a thorough assessment, you will wish to take the automobile on a prolonged test drive that includes numerous different road types and surface areas. Taking these journeys with a salesman at hand can be sidetracking. In order to focus all your attention on the vehicle, it’s typically a smart idea to request an extended, overnight test drive. As long as you provide proof of insurance coverage and a copy of your motorist’s license, the dealer may let you take the automobile over night.

5. Exactly what’s Your Finest Cost?

Rather of trying to negotiate below the asking rate, you may merely ask the cars and truck dealer to give you his/her best cost in advance. Because buyers hardly ever take this expedient approach, salesmen are sometimes unprepared for how to deal with it. They might even offer you a rock-bottom figure to keep negotiations short. However even if they offer a price you aren’t comfortable with, you can constantly work out for a much better one. To puts it simply, you don’t lose anything by asking this question at the start.

Utilize these simple, uncomplicated questions to get a bargain on previously owned vehicles.

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4 Things Nobody Told You About Buying Used Cars

Purchasing a new car has its own benefits. But due to the ever increasing financial woes around the world and diminishing value of automobile sector, purchasing a used car has actually made things easier. Nowadays, a pre-owned car is being accepted by a big number of car purchasers and its sale is not limited to people with subprime credit.

The best ways to get the very best Deal while purchasing a used car?

Obviously, used cars need more of your attention than brand-new cars. It is because used car buyers have to assume the risk of winding up with a lemon. In order to land up a great offer, the following four things must be born in mind:

1. Paperwork

Simply because you are buying a used car does not imply that the vehicle ought to be anything however safe. Qualified previously owned cars make your work simple and supply you with a proof of their correct performance. The extended service warranty that includes a certified pre-owned car warranties you of smooth owning for a specific length of time or as much as a set variety of miles.

2. Overall Appearance

Focus your attention to the minute information such as dents, scratches, rust, inappropriate positioning of panels during past repairs, paint color consistency, loose doors, unstable hinges, tires, etc. Apart from the exteriors, you should take notice of the interior of the car. Run and check the crucial parts such as the engine, heating system, air-conditioner, music system, brakes, and so on. A test drive will be the most suitable alternative in order to acquire a general concept of the car.

3. Price Check

Get an estimated value of the car that you have completed. It will expose if the dealer is overcharging you or supplying you with a genuine market price. Keep in mind to go with a printed proof of the price check if the dealership’s cost is way more than the market worth.

4. Settlement

Want to use your settlement skills prior to agreeing to the estimate by the dealership. In the majority of the cases, the costs are set as per the approximate use of the car and the existing market price. Do not be hesitant to price quote the rate that you want to spend on the car. You never ever understand, the dealership may just agree and hand over the car to you. You need to make the dealer feel that the money may go out of his hands if you do not buy his car.

Prior to you set out to keep an eye out for used cars, keep these 4 valuable things in mind. It will not just save you a great deal of money but also make you a mindful car buyer. Keep in mind that taking time out for doing your homework to purchase a previously owned car will only make you satisfied at the end of the deal.


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